Wolf health restore rate after attack


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Suppose I encounter a wolf and fight it off.

Both the wolf and I are injured.

I use bandages, antiseptic and sleep to recover to 100% health.

If the wolf is not killed on the spot or runs away to die, does the wolf's health? :

a) decrease to zero and it eventually dies,

b) gradually returns to 100% health or

c) stay at the same decreased health percentage.

FYI: Fluffy and me had an altercation and I got out of there. Just wondering if Fluffy is dead yet!?! ;)

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Did you fight him off with a knife or hatchet? If you did, given enough time he "should" in theory be dead/have bled out.

If so, then (a) is the expected behavior.

However, fluffy is in a building instance and he's unique in that fact. The dam is an instance because there's a load/save point when you go in to the dam building.

I've seen a Let's Play video where the guy killed fluffy and left the body for later. When he came back the body had despawned and wasn't there anymore (like within a couple minutes - a bug) but fluffy was at least gone.

Over the course of a few days (not sure on the time) another wolf can spawn in the dam building (according to legend) again presumably having come in through the same broken window in the large room.

So yeah, if you wounded him with a weapon, he should have bled out. Whether he'll be there when you go back is another matter. Either way you should report your findings as there may be undiscovered bugs still associated with his behavior.

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