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I * Posted this to let the developer know why guys like us post things on mutiplayer. Cause in one of the dev post they said there be no mp in current version. And if we want it then we need to go else where. But this post is to show the dev that there is no other game that massive survival game that has it with out zombies.

This idea is for the future of LD if the dev decided to have it in the game.

To the developer....

I have posted ideas on mutiplayer and others have too and found out it wont be in the game. Just want you to know that there is no other online game where you can survive in a modern setting. There is rust but its not as good as yours.

There are no massive online game with out zombies. I only know 3 and one is set in ancient time another on an island but not sure how good it would be.

So for the mutiplayer idea yours will be the first with no zombies and almost realistic and set on a massive scale if you have this implemented in the future.

So we who like co op have all come to your game! Because others are filled with violent violent scenes and animals and drugs and nudity. violent, violent, violent, violent, violent. :oops: :(:(:(

So we got no where to go to play co op survival because of this. So we are all here.. :) That is why we post ideas on co op.

Oh stranded deep says they might add co op in the future. Alpha stage too.


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@Ciliate Organism - This is your first warning.

While we appreciate that players can be passionate about their ideas, we will not allow players to use this forum for spamming topics or stirring up flamewars.

You have created multiple topics repeatedly stating you want this game MP and the devs need to listen to you if they want the game to survive. You might check the background of the devs, because the core team are the ones who have been the lead developers of the types of game you keep telling them they should try to make.

That is not what they want to make now...

If you keep spamming the board, your account may be locked.

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I am sorry as I did not know i was spamming. So I apologize as said I did not post ideas to spam but I posted one idea and then I had another ideas so I posted that idea. I will try to put my ideas in one place next time. But could you PM and me and go through it with me please?

I spent a lot of time typing those ideas out so if I was spamming it would be just copy and paste and just list 7 ideas each day. Or just listing game after game like a spam bot. I pour time into my ideas. :(

So I hope you can see I was trying to help...

Why would I back the game and put down money for it if I wanted to spam?

I will post an apology.....

But I have PM you more to explain....


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Last weekend, we talked with "mature" friends I'm 26 now about the game. All of my friends including me decided for 4 players co-op. Because when you playing now you feeling lonely.. Think of it! 4 players, spawn in random locations, or choose to play two players team or something.. It'll add more fun in game when you want to survive..

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