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Howdy Everyone,

Working on a lets play for TLD and happened across the well aged "Wishlist Thread" post on Steam. I thought I would try to add my support for some features and some Ideas here in the brief format described by our friends in the dev:

Here Goes.

+1 Bears and other Wildlife

- Bic Lighters. Fire Pistons, Flint and Steel, Charcloth. Feathersticks w/Animation :P

I think as you work in more in game items you can add more depth to the fire system. Make these city slickers KNOW, Fire Starting is ALL about the details. 8-) More Accelerant types and Adding another step like: Ignition, Tinder, Twigs, Finger wood, Squaw wood... Might be a way to go.

+1 for bows, arrows, Spears, Spearheads, slings, and more melee weapons/skill levels/functionality (perhaps just more animation and rounding out of the knife and hatchet? all we need really...

A Craft-able Hatchet and Knife from Scav/Natural Materials would be awesome... Bone, Glass, Obsidian...

-Bottles for water and Water Freezing while you carry it in bad conditions. Just like IRL. ;)

-More Weapons like Firearms and Specials like flareguns and bearspray, but I like the limited approach to Firearm ammo and the "Harvest" function. Combine parts of broken guns for better condition ala Fallout 3.

-Reloading Rounds? Powder and ball for some weapons? this IS the frontier after all, Gramps is in Alaska and he reloads his hunting rounds...

-More clearly defined and functional Storage and a working Rack for Firearms & Ammo... Cubbys for ammo yes please... Maybe make those Craft-able?

-More Crafting and USE of Crafted Items- Can't tell you how many times I've used Tinder to warm my hands in camp...

-Hand animations, they could tell me about my status, go along with babble i.e. "I'm Freezing ugh", and help with immersion... SAME ART Design though! I Love the Art and Respect it- I think hands can be designed within the Theme of the Art already in game...

-Alcohol Bevs in houses basically used for Painkillers in Medical Emergencies, also cloth more abundant in houses for uses like crafting charcloth 8-)

-Animations for slips/trips... Its a fine effect to have sprained ankles and such, animations would make them feel more acceptable imo :roll:

- A Creative Way to "Pause" the time elapse, lock the player in place - and still allow for them to view the ambiance!

I have been either burning calories to watch my fire or gazing at it through the esc menu... The game is TOO COOL for me not to be able to "Watch go by"... Work on this please I think it might be the Most Doable of everything on this list. :D

- 2 player coop. Single sandbox session/ no persistance. It would be Amazing and realistic - 2 is always better than one in a survival situation. AND thanks to the Female character "Wifey" can play too! awwwwww and she can learn how to be a man in da wuds, how shweeet Work in a "Snuggle" Mechanic for Warmth in emergencies... Make it work for Male Characters too and the LGBT folks will Love You! :?


+1 for shelter, Albeit, Not the abilty to construct a base ala Unturned and Rust. That looks cheap to me and it seems like the classic "children are wanting to suggest that every game in development should become the same game"... more needs to be polished out before the current idea of "base building" becomes a part of every game into the future.

I would think a neat little one piece igloo/Snowcave... Nothing to complex just a nice cozy design like the other locations already in the game. Simple mechanic: Have Item: Bedroll, Find Item: Snowshovel, Carry both, menu>shelter>place, time to build and there it is when the black fades out.

Maybe write it so that it would look like an igloo or something above ground, but can also be placed in a steep hillside?

(yes the snow isn't that deep but at night it sure feels like it is!)

It would be neat to get stuck in a storm, use the mechanic, and a lil snowcave with some tea lights appears "BOOP", room to crouch in, maybe some sort of opening "porch" for setting a fire or perhaps only a campstove can be used inside... a place to put the bedroll... simple. :|

Only to Help you from dying in a -30 night. Disappears upon leaving the area.

Fun Ideas I have:

-Camp Stoves (High Probability Ignition, for cooking food/drink/snowmelt) and Fuel...

(I.E. Wisperlite type with kerosene, jetboil type with isobutane cans) More survival decisions for players to screw up :lol:

-Hats/ Appearance and 3rd person :?:

-Warming postures by the fire types.

Like sitting in Arma 3, only for the snacks and coffee breaks in front of the screen :mrgreen:

-Pipes, Tobacco, cigar rolling and accompanied circulatory constriction/vasodilation. :ugeek:

-Smoke blindedness if standing downwind near a campfire. hashtag#IRL

Thanks Again Everyone working on the team and all the thoughtful players out there - this little gem has so much going for it!

I'll add more for sure in time but until then, Take Care and Stay Warm

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A Huge part of me Also loves the game as is.

Add some bears - sure - but the game is just awesome. 2012 -2014, sure has been a long road and you all have made something truly Fantastic.

Ok, No Multiplayer OR Coop, and no hats or third person - NONE of the silly Ideas I just wrote last night... Complete the story and I'm Stoked.

$20 is SUCH A VALUE - even for the current state it's in. Mind you- I wouldn't say that to EA x]

You guys are genius, Kind Regards.

Your Uncle Boom

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As fun as it would be to have a "drink your own urine while you have perfectly potable water" achievement, I think it's probably not going to happen. So much snow around, you'd be more likely to eat it directly to quench your thirst in a pinch.

I really think we need bears though. I'm at 110 now at the trapper's homestead and having an enraged, woken-up brown bear waltz through the map would be perfect. Something you have to run from and pray he doesn't see you. The sneak mechanic would need some tweaking to make it work. A five bullet kill, assuming you can even get off that many in time.

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