OUTBREAK VIRUS and Evironmental disasters

Ms Nutcracker

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Why not have disease in the game and even deadly viruses? To spice the game up? Players will have to work harder together to survive not being infected and see if a cure can be found some where. :) They have been zombie but now be good to have it with out zombies and surviving! :)

It only make sense that well this is realism and society has stop and well who knows what sort of viruses have been unleashed into the environment? So it should happen.

And also environmental disasters like nuclear leaks the closer you go to the cities.

Or High radiation from the sun cause atmosphere has been degraded.

People can get sick and vomit and wonder what is going on? Though they would need to be someone like a Scientist you can find to get clues about this. It does not need to be a scripted mission. You can just find this scientist and use preset commands like analyze sample and he will let you know sometime whats happening.

The fun part is discovering what has gone wrong with society as you piece all the puzzles together so it helps if players come together and work together so this answer can be found faster. :)

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