Stupid Campfire

Morgan le Fay

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I had survived for 38 days, 3 hours and 58 minutes. I started on the Mystery Lake map, was fortunate enough to have found one of the prepper caches (with lots of food), and set up a home base in the Camp Office for quite awhile, before pillaging pretty much everything of value on that map.

I spent several days in the Dam to prepare for moving to the other map, getting lots of deer meat (but almost getting killed by Fluffy on my first foray into the place).

Once in the Coastal Highway area, I hung out for awhile in the house near Rabbit Grove (getting lots of rabbits), before making my way across the ice (and through the fishing cabins, the log area, and the Quonset hut). I set up a base in the Quonset hut (with emergency supplies in some other various locations), and then got tired of dealing with the wolves, so decided to make my permanent base at the house near the Silent Clearing.

That worked for roughly two days, at which point I was lighting a campfire outside on the deck, and apparently was -standing in the fire-, so was burned to death. The game gave zero warning--I was just dead all of a sudden. :o

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