Ability to look behind yourself while sitting in a car.


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I have not tried this in more than one vehicle/seat, but have tried it repeatedly in the same vehicle and same seat.

Sitting in the back right hand seat of a car, you can not usually look behind yourself/past a certain limit. If you are at the limit of your vision, hit escape, go to controls, then key bindings and then exit from that menu, you can now look in a full 360. If you leave the seat and re-enter, vision is restrict again, as per normal.

I expect that this is a bug as it seems to deviate from the typical behaviour. Though if I was stuck in a car, surrounded by wolves, I would definitely turn my body so I could look out every window before I left the car.


OS: PC (windows 7)

Repeatability: Always

ADMIN NOTE: Not a bug, currently by design until option is expanded. Post moved to Wishlist section
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I agree about the non-rotating view feeling weird, but the devs have commented that's is just by design for now (to give each door entrance a possible view, but full 360 isn't possible at the moment for each position). They may expand it to full view later during development, but I think they meant it wasn't a high priority item for now.

It's possible we'll encounter other types of abandoned vehicles elsewhere through some maps when the game is complete, so it's possible the mechanics for the views might simply be holding off for now until they reach that stage (again though, just guessing as it would make programming sense if they need all the graphic meshes designed first).

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perhaps there is a use for mirrors....

Problem then would be players complaining they can't look at their character in the mirror. There are programming and other reasons for the decision by the devs not to include character views - including how much programming time, cost, and overhead would be required.

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