How to see which mode a game is in?


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I was thinking if I should go for achievement hunting into voyageur or if I should start Stalker. During my thinking I clicked on any of those two and couldn't remember which it was, but came finally to the conclusion that I really cannot do voyageur anymore, it feels like cheating lol.

I was spawned at a perfect place, on the rail tracks right above the office. And the office was stuffed with goodies, painkillers, antiseptics, bullets, much more stuff inside than on my previous Stalker runs. So I was pretty sure I've chosen voyageur and ended the game (after checking the logs). Back in the menu I found that Stalker is preselected (the last choice is remembered or is it not?), meaning I could've continued the run... :\

[offtopic]@FluffyGotKilled: where are you from? nice to see some swiss folk here, guess it's no secret we like snow and mountains :D[/offtopic]

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While I was doing some testing I did notice that yes the last selected difficulty is the one that will be selected next time you start a new game, so if you were on Pilgrim, it will have Pilgrim selected when you start a new game again. There is no where I see that shows what the current Difficulty is while you are playing.

Maybe in the future there could be something in the Log or in the menu that indicates it, but as of now it does not tell you. Most people will probably remember what difficulty they chose, but some people have selective memory (I'm slightly guilty of that :P) and may forget which they chose.


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Is there a way to see if the game was started in voyageur or stalker mode once it has begun? This would be really helpfull ;)

Count the wolves, if you count more than 25 you are in Stalker mode.

Count the time between starting and you see a wolf, if you've counted to ten you aren't in Stalker.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.