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This idea is for the future version of the long dark to improve it and make it better!

Shalom everyone! :)

1. This game was hard to find! Most games fall into strategy, survival with zombies or demons. And well done to the developer of moving away from this. Since it will be kid and parent friendly. :) Realism or futuristic is way better then fighting of zombies. You can really learn things in real life!

But need more advertising for this game so its known more and more can review and critique it! Good job too to open to the public feedback as this helps mold the game so it can be its best when release! Game that are close dont perform all too well.

2. Do submit ideas that shift the standard of todays suvival games. Think of what can be improve and how things can be made better. Dont follow what others have done just improve on it. :)

Like since this is the art of survival. There are million of things that can be done to survive! I want that door for fire food, I found string and sticks, i can make a fishing rod! Just think about all the things that can be done in real life and add that to the game with making it fun and not so super realistic its become a chore. Then content will be endless and so much to do! :) Cause you can make anything that is replicable to real life. So there is so much creativity on this so I hope the dev team already know about this! And not limit things in the game.

3. The graphics too needs to be heavily modified and increase as this will help with the immersion. Just pretty lights but a world where it can be manipulated. Just look at Project cars a racing sim car and see how ultra realistic it is. Setting that can be players on a low end comp or a high end comp.

4. The Phyics also need to simulate real life cause its all about surviving so it need this realism. You hit a axe on a rock it will fall part. Keep shooting that arrow it will fall apart. Did not built that hut water tight, water will flow in! The harsh winds can break your weak hut, snow pulls up. Your clothes will decay and tear! How about shaving for us guys? Or getting cut or breaking a bone? Having it all simulate like in real life adds to the challenge and increase playability.

5. Online World

It wont be possible I dont think to do all these things perhaps you can in a bigger enough area. But if you dont want it to get bored the land needs to be very big so perhaps an online world for players to come together. Rust is currently doing so another suvival game in its very early stages but not so realistic like you smash things to get resources. Smash a rock and automically you get its minerals. Smash a dead animal to get its meat not so realistic.

But an online world if possible will encourage players to come together and help each other out. You could make it so player killing is ban as this will detract from the purpose of the game. Its about survival and living in the wilderness and growing a community. :) So players coming together you can fast track your survival and actually maintain the way your live.

Perhaps a player can play solo like other massive online games if they just want to be alone. And you could add persistant NPC too. That are friend or foe.

6. With an online word massive amount of things can be added and updated...

Lots of vegetation and diverse amount of animals, resources be put in the game for player to use or it can be deadly for the players. So they need to learn what is edible and what is not.

Just think real life and what goes in an enviroment and add that too.

Having in built text commands too for communication...

7. Decay everything falls apart after sometime...things rot, etc.

8. Also have it procedurally generated too so the scale can be huge! So players do not get bored when they start to explore. If you have a limited space area things will start to get boring cause well you see everything.

9. It would be nice if swearing is cut out too so no profane language use. So it is kid friendly in a way.

10. Pest and disease will like this to be added. Find ways to stop those wolves killing your animals. Or rats or other creatures getting into your hut and taking your food! :)

Lastly players can learn a lot in this game and if they ever get lost in the wilderness in the real world they have the skills to know how to survive because of your game! :)

So I hope all these and more can be factor in and perhaps more money might need to be generated as this will be huge! If the Dev sees that it will help the game.


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Here is a game that will help Lone in the dark reach top status!

Life is feudal is almost everything what players are wanting, veg garden, animals, etc. Trade specialty and far more! Its not build to just survive but it has everything what we want for a survival game.

So find inspiration in this game to make Lone dark better!

It has no zombies too! :) In alpha stage.


DAYZ - zombie too but good ideas to use:

The shooting and survival mechanics are more closely aligned to being a simulator than a tactical shooter, but it’s not quite realistic enough to earn that label – but it’s close.

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Here is a game that will help Lone in the dark reach top status!

The studio already has the vision it wants for the game (and the experience to create it), so they aren't really looking to clone somebody else's game or make their version on that game.

In fact, a lot of other new games have already started using The Long Dark as their source of inspiration, and as an example of building a game well.

*btw* the game is not called "Lone in the dark" ;)

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As I said in the previous post:

If developer are not willing to expand to future proof their game then the Long Dark will never be made and we all wont be having this discussion. You my else well go back in time and stick to games that were popular at the time RPG and combat games. Cause that was the standard vision of the time and people like us would be seen as silly and told to go into the real world to explore and not in a game.

What you are saying does not make sense...

Its the past games that helps developers improve future games. Its about improving on the ideas of other games that is how again games get popular.

Besides I did not say you have to clone their game just ideas from it and improve on it. There is nothing wrong doing that. :)

And the developers has the last say so it does not matter what I write and what you say. If they want it in the game then it will be in the game if it will help them.

So any ideas that will help should always be welcome. :)

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So any ideas that will help should always be welcome. :)

Please, don't get me wrong... the thoughts and ideas are welcomed by the devs... I was commenting because in your various posts you kept referencing add 'x function' like this game, add 'y function' from that game... make it a game like [another game]... all centered around multiplayer battle games... They just had very little to do with the game type Hinterland was building.

Originally posted by Hinterland on Steam:

"We currently have no plans to make The Long Dark an MP or Co-Op game. The technical challenges alone are non-trivial, and the game would need to be built up around MP or Co-Op mechanics, which it is not. There are other online MP survival-type games out there if that's what you're looking for."

While that could change, you also have to remember that the programming time required, as well as budget costs, also means they would likely need to drop a lot of the story or sandbox content to do it, and also change all the mechanics of the game.

If it's possible, they would likely see what could be done near the completion, but also remember the core team are some of the top industry leads (they know the process to building successful games)... but they also put Hinterland together because they didn't want to mimic gameplay from other games.

Ideas are welcome (and again, you never know because the sequel The Long Dark 2 might take MP or Co-op into consideration right from the initial design) - but for this first edition it's not likely for them to change the entire game progress in a completely different direction.

You can actually see a rather lengthy discussion on the topic here: viewtopic.php?f=59&t=73

That's where some of your thoughts and ideas for MP might fit well for the discussions :)

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I thank you for the post and your explanation but to me I saw that, i just dont like the idea...

And that rude comment by that other posted with rolled eyes.

Thanks for the link and I do understand that the game is in alpha and it cannot be change right away. Thats why I posted my ideas in the wish list for future ideas. :)

If you look through other ideas, all the ideas mentioned cannot be in the final release of the game only later. But it was good that it was posted so the dev can know about it.

And about other online survival game out there?

There is none on modern surviving. :( I might add this to a new post...

But thanks again and I will change the post if i can to reflect for future ideas..

Again sorry for any mis understanding...

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