Glow sticks, portable stoves and a few others


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Just a few items I feel the game needs

Glow sticks

An alternative light source that does not give off heat

Can be thrown

Last about 5 mins or 5 in-game hours

Can be found in houses or cars

Fairly rare, about the same as flares

Portable camp stove

Can boil water in a pinch

Cannot cook food due to small size

Lights much easier and faster then a fire

Uses portable propane fuel

Each canister can boil 5 L of water until it runs out

Stove itself is as comparatively rare as storm lanterns while fuel is as rare as accelerant

Pepper spray

Can instantly ward off aggressors

Has about 3 uses until depleted

Can be found in cars and dead hikers

Very rare, harder to find than hunting knife

Hand warmers

Add 2°C to warmth

Last about 5 mins

Can be found nearly anywhere


And last of all


Light source That can be held or placed around

Last about 10 mins or 10 hours in game

Can be blown out and relit

Can be easily extinguished by wind or even walking too fast

Can Be found nearly everywhere

Fairly common, about as common as newsprint

Post any thoughts or comments you have

Thanks guys And thanks to Hinterland for making such a cool game

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The glowsticks have been suggested before (like most of your suggestions), but the problem is that they are sensitive to cold and don't give off much light when it is very cold. If they were added, being as rare as flares makes them not very useful. They are a one time use tool that, unlike flares, only give off light and have no other uses. They should be more plentiful if they are going to be useful.

A portable camp stove is a good idea, but I would use a kerosene stove instead of a propane stove. Kerosene is already a resource in the game. I think cooking food on it should be possible, since I've done so often enough when out camping. It could take longer though to cook/ boil something and should not give off much heat (to the player).

In stead of pepper spray: bear spray. Bear spray can deter bears so wolfs shouldn't be much of a problem either. This is sold in area's where they have bears and many hikers/ campers carry them.

+1 on the hand warmers. When you say 5 min, you're not talking in-game minutes I hope? Besides hand warmers, I'd also suggest larger body warmers.

Yeah, we need candles. The downside of candles would be they require matches to light. For that reason alone I would probably not use them very much as a light source. But candles could have other purposes as well. As an accelerant for instance or maybe for crafting.

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Yeah, we need candles. The downside of candles would be they require matches to light. For that reason alone I would probably not use them very much as a light source. But candles could have other purposes as well. As an accelerant for instance or maybe for crafting.

In case you find a dead guy's stash of smack. :)

I think if you have a candle you should be able to use it to start a fire, and vice versa. And candles should last a long, long time.

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All these suggestions sound familiar, don't they Elloco? ;)

They sure do :)

Candles could also be used for carrying fire. If you have a fire outside because you were harvesting a deer, it be nice to have a way to light something to use for lighting the stove at your base so you can continue cooking there. A candle could be used for this (or you could simply take a burning branch from the fire...).

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Ah crackers, I thought I was being original with the glow sticks (Along with the others)

Thanks for the constructive critique though, It always helps improve the thoughts I throw out there.

Also to clear a few things up,

Hand warmers

They last about five real time minutes (roughly 5-6 game hours)

Portable stove

I figured a separate fuel source would be necessary to keep the game fairly challenging, if kerosene was the magic fuel source that powered everything, it would decrease the difficulty greatly.

I'm fairly certain that a puny stove would have a difficult time cooking a Kilo of meat evenly.

(Unless you made stew)


Technically you could just use one match, I had using candles light other things in mind when I wrote this, I forgot to add that detail. So you can use candles as tinder or to light other items (Such as other candles)

Kudos for the Bear spray, that's way more logical in the wilderness than just plain commercial pepper spray

Thanks again For the feedback

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I was thinking I had plenty of kerosene to spare so it might as well be used for something :) A separate fuel for balance might well be worth it. But maybe a alcohol stove would be a good option here. I think propane might have a problem with the cold weather, but I'm not sure about that.

Cooking a 1kg piece of meat on a portable stove would probably be a bad idea unless you keep moving it around all the time. Depends on the stove off course. I have 2 sizes myself, a small burner that screws on the top of the propane canister and can only hold a small pan, and a larger unit that has a small diameter propane canister in the side. The larger one could be used to cook larger pieces of meat, while still being quite portable.

But I never cook such large pieces of meat, I cut them up in smaller pieces and that is quite doable even on a smaller stove. On an alcohol stove though I should think you would indeed need to make a stew to be able to cook meat.

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I like the idea! :) However since its post human civilization the items might be rare! As once the fuel goes that's it you cant get any more! :( Like petrol there is a limited supply unless you can find some way to get it from the city! Or a station!

So perhaps a bigger house and in that house it would have all these good in it but it would be limited until you can find another house and if it does have those items in that place.

If you did find a big camping bag you could have a portable cook stove but then again fuel is limited. Its very hard living in winter! :( Need to move to warmer grounds! :(

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