[Mac] Broken Terrain v0.3 (FIXED in v.04))


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I went for a big walk up the mountain, and the edge of the world, and I was South of the Dam and Rail Bridge as sen in one of the screen caps.

As I was walking up the mountain, I would come to rock, and I could walk straight through it, and end up ou the other side. The same with 80º/90º snow, I would walk right through it and be in the clear the other side.

I go to the edge of the Mountain and look back and the terrain is all broken. And then I could stand on a vertical drop (Screen 4) and look at the Dam as seen in another shot.

Screen 1 ~ (1810.9) (186.0) (1126.7)

Screen 2 ~ (1808.5) (186.2) (1123.7)

Screen 3 ~ (1806.4) (185.8) (1125.5)

Screen 4 ~ (1811.6) (149.1) (1146.4)





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Guest Alan Lawrance

These are examples of objects that lack collision, so you are getting "inside' them. Art will fix them up.

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