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Hi devs,

I created an account just to say thank you. This game is what I needed, no zombies, just survival. And you did a fu*king good job at it. The rest I have to say is in my steam review which I will post here : :arrow: (but again thank you for this brilliant game!)

This game is one I definitly recommend. I place it high above The Forest or DayZ. The latter I do not own because of no anti-cheat system. I started playing The Long Dark from build 183


-Unique gameplay

-Beautiful ambience

-Real survival feeling

-Nice graphics

-Discovery of new places


-After playing a while the world get's a bit small

-You cannot directly assault animals with melee weapons (they will attack you)

-Lack of items

-Only 4 types of wildlife (birds,rabbits,deer and wolves)

Having said the above, this is still Early Access. So things might change. You will get enough gameplay for what you pay for.

Message to devs:

Please make the maps bigger and add more locations in the future. The game gets small very fast. Please add some more craftable items and random stuff to the game. More animals are also needed! But as far as the game has progressed, you have created a great experience. I can only hope you do not drop out like some other devs did on Early Access games. Thank you for this great game!

10/10 Would jump off the ravine bridge again

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