Hello all! I'm the new QA Lead here at Hinterland!

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Hello everyone my names Jeremy Powell and I'm the new QA Lead at Hinterland so I'll be in charge of managing all the bugs and testing them. I'll be working with you fine people to make this game as smooth as possible!

Little bit about myself:

I'm from Victoria BC Canada and went to Vancouver Film School for their Game Design Program last year. After graduating i moved to Courtenay where my parents moved to retire. Courtenay is across the highway from Cumberland here on the island.

I've been playing games my whole life and am very passionate about them, I play all sorts of games never really staying with one in particular. If i had to choose one, I'd say mmo's were my favourites but I do play a lot of FPS games, mostly CS:GO atm, but I started playing DOD:S again because its fun (Why hasn't Valve made a new one yet!?)

Basically when I'm not testing here, I'm usually playing CS:GO or DOD:S. Feel Free to hit me up on Steam at Full Taco Ninja


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