Insta killed by überwolf (unnamed pond)


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edit : here are the logs : (output log) (journal)

config : windows 7 64 bits

Intel core i5 2500K @3.3GHz

Nvidia Geforce GTX 560 Ti

8,00 GB RAM

Okay, so I was doing fine in my stalker game : rifle, clothes, all tools, lots of food and ammunition, in the process of laying snares near rabbit spawns and collecting dears.

In mystery lake I went into the cabin which is over the small frozen"unnamed pond". I found a hatchet but unfortunately I aggro'd a wolf there and got trapped (the beasts cannot climb the steps but will wait for you outside...) Upon leaving the cabin I got caught by the wolf who killed me in literally 2 SECONDS from 100% condition. I only had time to hit the beast once for 30 damage with the knife before dying...

I understand the wolves are meant to be dangerous, especially in stalker mode, but this kind of über-wolf is off the charts. If we cannot survive a single wolf attack from full health, at least give us the possibility to aim decently with the rifle (see my precedent post : ) or the way to shoot the wolves over the low wooden wall from inside the cabin.

This is not the first time this kind of bad surprise has happened to me. The first time I thought it was my fault, that I had made a mistake by going out with 30% condition (something I never ever do), but now it's very clear that wolves are not to be trifled with...

I found something similar but rather related to the chasing skill part of the überwolf :

ADMIN NOTE: With no specific bug, screenshots, output log, or traceable details; post is not a bug report. Moved to Feedback section
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I had this happen to me once just outside the door at Trappers - the wolf jumped on me, and I went from 100% health, full calories and water, pretty close to zero exhaustion, to -30 health in less than a second. I don't think I even had time to get one decent stab in.

This was the log file from the last day of that run (in Stalker mode):

Day 55:

Made it to day 55

1:06 AM Woke up after sleeping 5 hours

1:07 AM Ate Venison (Cooked).

1:09 AM Drank 0.50 L potable water.

1:09 AM Went to sleep.

7:10 AM Woke up after sleeping 6 hours

7:11 AM Drank 0.34 L potable water.

7:41 AM Wolf attack!

7:43 AM You died from loss of blood and shock from a wolf attack

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Alright, let's see about that glorious death :mrgreen:

Day 2:

Made it to day 2

09:32 Woke up after sleeping 3 hours

10:42 Not Encumbered

12:16 Drank 0.40 L potable water.

13:21 Discovered Unnamed Pond.

14:05 Encumbered

14:11 Drank Summit Soda.

14:12 Not Encumbered

14:16 Encumbered

14:24 Ate Pinnacle Peaches.

14:33 Not Encumbered

14:34 Went to sleep.

15:34 Woke up after sleeping 1 hour

15:35 Encumbered

15:40 Wolf attack!

15:40 You died from loss of blood and shock from a wolf attack

So in fact I was mistaken, I died in less than one second, so small feat even for a wolf...

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This happend to me too and everytime it was after I aggroed a wolf and he couldn't reach me. Twice at the Abandoned Outlook, once after leaving a fenced house in gazstation. It seems that once a wolf aggros but is hindered he builds a huge strength that takes you down in two seconds. But I also blamed myself for having done something wrong and didn't think to post it here. Whereas in fact this might be a bug(?)

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Bill: I edited my first post to add both logs. Here is the output log :

Thanks - that will probably help the devs determine if it's indeed a bug or not.

ADMIN NOTE: With Debug Output log now available, post moved back to Bug Report section for devs to determine whether there are bug or glitch issues not previously reported or fix for next version.

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