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Hi folkies,

I'm just experimenting on steam stream. I am on it everytime I play. Sometimes I talk, sometimes I turn micro off.

Just to let you know, if someone is interested to watch ;)

I will even continue recording sometimes later in youtube, but don't know how those will mix. I even don't know what language I will be talking, lol.

All experimental. I even don't know if my upload speed is good enough for a stream ;)

But I call myself an experienced player, so check out, somedays, if you have an account at steam ;) ... 029699808/

[or find me there under 'joeljoe']

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I am sorry folks, my streaming doesn't seem to work. I need a better internet connection it seems.

But instead I started a new season, of course only in stalker mode :D

This time with me talking in english, starting at day 165 and only recording episodes inbetween the fasting routines with a new tactic, which I explain in the video.

It's blocked in Germany because of this ret*rd f****ng GEMA, what do they even have the right to care if I broadcast a foreign classic radio channel. I feel like in china here, :lol

but everywhere else, feel free to enjoy ;)

It is divided in several parts, so sorry for this, but I won't cut for technical reasons for now. So everytime I need to go pee or fast do something, I have to end the part.

The past 165 days I plundered the Mystic Lake region and had fasting times inbetween. I did put all my stuff into the dam waiting to be picked up when I have a base at the lake.

This Episode starts after finding my base and done the basic clothing crafts. Even put up snares at rabbit island to sustain my survival time :D

I will go back to the dam, fetch most of my stuff, then coming around rabbit island to check and renew my traps, after finally coming back to hunt some more to go into my next fasting routine. After which I will decide which plan I will follow next. Still to harvest the little town and the mountain region...

Wolf engagement and life threatening situations included. Who says the game becomes boring after 150+ days ? :twisted:

Part 1:

Part 2:


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