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Hello guys,

i have two things:

i have seen a "spawn bug" here (17:15)

two corpses on top of each other

Second thing is the stove in the fishing hut (not a bug i think but abuseable)

After the last big update i tried to get all the new archievments and therefor i went to mystery lake, looted all food

around the mystery lake, and went to a fishing hut (all without sleeping directly after the start.

I started a fire, put off my clothes and set my bedroll next to the stove and made an infinite fire.

-> I only wanted to survive 3 days for the archievment but survived over 60 days.

(forage fir fire, boiled water, sleep .... all naked right beside the stove in the hut), the wolf stayed outside and sometimes

his head bugged throu the wall but couldnt attack me ...

So maybe you could do something about the infinite fire, or that you have to wear clothes and they'll be ruined after a few days ..

It was a little bit funny as i looked the abuse by lordmastergaming in his car at coastal highway and your fix of that because i think the fishing hut is much more abuseable.

Hope i could help you, sorry for my bad english.

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The double corpse is a known bug already being addressed for fixing in the next version.

For the fishing hut fire, what do you mean bey making "an infinite fire"?

Do you mean that you can glitch it so the fire stays on permanently without needing to refuel more wood [which would then be a bug], or do you mean something else?

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infinite means that i dont let it go out.

I just stay naked beside the stove in the hut and forage fire firewood. Fire firewood gives you more burningtime than it needs to be foraged. So i forage 3 houres (just standing naked beside the burning stove) and get more firewood (same works with cedar but not so efficient). After a few times i have enough firewood for water boiling and sleeping.

And i do this all by not moving out of the hut (no fear of the wolf :P)

It basicly means that i can survive many days without really playing the game. I dont need tools, clothes or anything else.

The only thing that is limiting this strategy from surviving forever is food and with that antibiotics.

But think of it how much longer you can survive only with this abuse. I had over 60 days just by doing that, standing in the hut from the beginning without using anything.

And thats why i am not so proud of reaching all the archievments 1 day after the update came out.

The problem is that the hut counts as "outside" but gives almost all advantage of the inside.

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In that case I don't think this would be considered an actual "bug", but rather mechanics that haven't been fully set yet. The devs are aware of the fishing huts/wolf issue, so that may change...

As for "infinite wood", other requirements such as food and sleep would also take time - so while you can [currently] exploit the mechanics to survive long lengths right now, it wouldn't necessarily be "infinite"... plus the devs are regularly adjusting other balances [including bug specific issues such as the 'no limit' foraging for regular building interiors from older versions.

I agree it is an exploit under the current mechanics, but again the devs are adjusting a number of settings, so the foraging exploit is a known issue, even though not necessarily an actual bug.

The wolf glitching through the huts however is a know and reported bug which is being fixed.

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