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Seeing as this game is in alpha testing, I would love to add my two cents as to what would make this game even better. In all honesty, i wouldn't want much to change. I would like to request a bit more wildlife diversity. I am afraid of wolves, but there are much scarier things up north. also, having a bear skin undergarments or squirrel skin pants would be amazing. I love the lack of direction provided, I love learning everything about the game through trial and error. i didn't realized you could harvest wood without a hatchet for the first 7 hours of me playing. if you're ever looking for an extra challenge... try that, it is brutal. also, finding out the two maps are linked, blew my mind. I can't wait for the campaign.

I would also like to see clothes provide a somewhat important role in protection from wolves, I think a good way to go about it is to have a bit of protection based on the wind resistance of your gear as it has a slightly less average value and not available on the lower end gear. This helps make it more realistic and also helps prevent players from stripping to fight wolves and not ruin their gear. Only crazy people fight wolves naked.

The only other things i'd like mention would be to have a larger variety of random spawn spots for food/wood/goodies. I'm sure that is on the list. Also, wolves can be dumb, and i think there might be something hinky with the "combat" as I was obliterated in one bite by a wolf when i had 78 condition. On a side note, when inside a building with no door, wolves will run at you for days on end a few feet away smashing into a wall, they may need some sort of tweak so they run a path that will actually get to me? i can imagine it would be difficult to remedy though... also, fishing shacks should have doors like the ranger's cabin (i think it is called? with the gun in it) it is just cheap stepping into the shack and having wolves say "drat! he is two feet further away! better just let him go".

anyway I'm all tapped out on possible things to fix/add, I appreciate you reading and hopefully I will be able to craft some squirrel or bear gear down the road!.

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Although this request is outdated, it still stands from the perspective of fighting wolves naked. There should be a severe punishment in fighting wolves without clothes. I mean right now you are rewarded if you hunt naked. If you miss with the bow and the wolf attacks you, you will only lose a bandage and some antiseptics. A clothing hit is really bad for long term survival, but it shouldn't be the case that you would even consider fighting a wolf naked.

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