Possible Bug - Deer Running in Place (Found in v.03)


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Bug name - Deer Running in Place

Bug description - I found, was a deer 'frolicking' in place near the unnamed pond. He was just jumping up and down in the air, not making any forward progress, kinda like one would expect a deer to be doing when jump-roping, without the rope. There was no visible obstruction that was impeding his forward movement.

OS - Windows 8.1

Repro steps - I have not had a chance to play since this original occurrence

Screenshot - I was killed by a wolf before I could get a screen shot, I will attempt to get a screen shot of it happening again.

Coordinates - I did not have this function turned on, shame on me, but it was at the Unnamed Pond near the Hunter's Blind.

Visibility - ?? We'll see

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