v.183 Weight of Stored/Loaded Rifle Not Retained


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Bug name: Weight of Stored and Loaded Rifle Not Retained Between Plays

Bug description: On my previous play session, I had stored my rifle in a locker to reduce weight. Upon loading the game today I was doing some inventory management. I decided to take my rifle back out of storage. Since I had only loaded rifle rounds into one rifle, I was scrolling through the list of my rifles looking for the one with higher weight. Once I took them all out of the locker, the correct weight was shown for the rifle that had rounds loaded.

OS: Windows 7 x64 Professional

Repro steps: Store a loaded rifle in a container. Exit the game and then re-launch the game and load your save. The rifle weight will show as if the rifle is not loaded.

Screenshots: The screenshots below show proof. The first screenshot shows the rifle with the correct loaded weight. It is at 87% durability. I then stored the rifle, saved, and exited the game and then re-launched the client and loaded my save as stated above and took the second screenshot. TMnoHPN.jpgOjC6gvn.jpg

Visibility: Always.

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