Reduce volatility of wolf attacks while keeping the balance


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After my dozens of playthroughs, only two times I have died because of something other than wolves. Once – when I slept outside and blizzard extinguished the campfire and other time – after I was in bad condition after a wolf attack during a blizzard.

The problem here is not that wolves are dangerous – it's that you can die too suddenly and randomly even when prepared. After an attack (I play mostly on Stalker) you lose about 50-75% of condition. Use 1 bandage, use some antiseptic and if you can sleep the night over – you're mostly back to full health and it feels cheap. If you can't get sleep soon – it's often game over and it feels unfair.

Why not make it so that wolves do slightly less pure damage, but leave longer-lasting wounds and infections that you have to treat multiple times? What if you have keep changing the bandages for several days or more? This would add more tension to the game while reducing sudden "oh, cmon! seriously?!" moments.

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I don't know about the reduced damage from a wolf(s) attack(s) but I do rEALLy like the idea of having to clean wounds daily (flush with clean water - resource usage), applying antiseptic daily (resource usage), and changing the dressing daily (could be fresh bandage or the same one after boiling it in water and then drying it out).

That's a great idea.

And along those lines, you KNOW people in the north in cold ass environments like this have drinking alcohol and other types of liquor laying around for those cold nights. This could be used as an antiseptic when you run out.

Wolf damage is for me on stalker, about 30%ish. With fast fingers. I got attacked by two simultaneously and after that, they both ran off and I was at about 26% health and thinking "this is the end". I made it though. I really do like the idea you have though, of cleaning and dressing the wounds on a daily basis. Its something else to worry about and manage resource-wise, your condition after an incident like that would be "on-going" like a week or two, and its something that can help pass the time. Good idea.

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