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I had a very rough stalker start in a 3 AM blizzard, then pinned at the logging camp by weather for a couple of more days No tools, desperately living off the deer on the railroad tracks harvested by fire, late third day had a break in the weather, I headed toward the deer at Fluffy's Palace. I chased a deer into the jaws of a wolf on the railroad bridge. I tried to scare it off with a flare, it attacked. Luckily I got a kill! Nine kilos of meat and guts and... Hah! I was going to survive this game. It was a bad hit and I had stabilized at 1%. I had been there a few times before in this game, I was getting a bit comfortable with being under 10%, no worries. Started a fire to harvest my bounty and .... death by fire.

One of my favorite plays so far. Could have been glorious.

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The one guy out of 1000 who didn't die by wolf in Stalker. You should be given a medal sir.

actually it's stupidity that kills most people, if they recognize it or not (me included :D). Just watch my last 3 of 148 days video in the signature, there you see how one stupid mistake after another led to my ultimate death. Yes a wolf was involved but I didn't die because of it, it was my fault.

Btw, what killes me the most are blizzards - indirect or direct - especially in situations like in my current run where I desperately need to find food and have to expose myself to bigger risks than I like to. Wolves on the other hand rarely get the chance to even come close to me.

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Most of my deaths are over-extending.

Trying to grab all the hide off of a deer and it is getting late. Somehow that last hide seems to always attract a wolf.

I am only going out in this bad weather to retrieve rabbits. It will only take an hour or so.

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