Hatchet, Crowbar, and Canned Food Weapons

Bill Tarling

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When trapped without a rifle, and wolves are surrounding you -- it would be nice to at least be able to try throwing something at the wolf to get them to back off [canned food, hatchet, etc]... or at least feel you could try using the hatchet or crowbar as a last ditch weapon when they're charging -- might get in a lucky blow if timed just right (at least enough to possibly survive).

Even if it will have zero effect on the outcome [i.e. wouldn't help defend you, and you're gonna die no matter what] -- it's still that human instinct to at least have something (even if just for bravado) in your hand. You wouldn't even have to tell us "nope, you're always gonna die anyhow" :lol:

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I find it un realistic not being able to fend for myself against a wolf. Even having a fir log in hand or something would make me feel as if I could try to get them away from me, or just piss them off more. Should work both ways.

This is getting into what can and can't be used as in another discussion, being able to use the hatchet/crowbar to open a can of beans, I get pissed off when there is a wolf he is coming towards me, and no mater how fast I run I know I'm dead. It doesn't feel right and doesn't gel with me.(I'm yet to find a rifle (but have had 36rounds on me) so something more than a Rifle would be of some benefit ?? If wolf is facing you- then - Item>Crowbar>throw At Wolf | Load screen ● ● ● ● ● you killed wolf/you hit wolf and scared away/wolf attacked you, and now have a bite/you died from bleeding out after wolf attack

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  • Hinterland

By the way -- you can drop food items as "decoys" for wolves. Every food item in the game has a "scent" value. Things with higher scent have a better chance of distracting wolves, and "breaking" their stalking of you.

Quickslot 4 is the "hotkey" for this. It should pick the food item in your inventory that has the highest scent value.

The crowbar is only a tool to open locked containers, but it'll be replaced soon with something different.

We have other plans for how to deal with wolves. :)

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