More Toilets and Restrooms

Bill Tarling

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I know we're in the wilderness, but not everybody wants to release themselves in the woods (especially if you have to share the natural internal waste expulsion location with a bear after the winter hibernation)...

Currently (in Season One), there's only one restroom [outhouse] that I've found, and the damn occupant inside is sure taking his time -- always occupied.

Myself, if I had some sort of container (or even just a balloon), I would probably try to reach down inside to fill up something breakable as a weapon or diversion (later seasons when it wouldn't freeze)... Rob or someone else could likely say whether this might be effective, but I would think throwing and nailing a wolf (or other predator) might help throw off their tracking [sense of smell]... Likewise with scattering it around an area you want to hide around.

Or, would that just attract their attention?

*Story Mode: I guess that could hurt dealing with an NPC in story mode - smelling rather unpleasant.

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The restroom out by the Unnamed Pond is unoccupied, if you peer through the cracked door, I'm pretty sure. It's just wedged in the snow so you can't get in. Apparently the poor corpse next to it froze trying to get in, or something.

From a design perspective, well, I guess things that aren't of active use are easy to overlook. I for one wouldn't mind seeing more shot electronics and clutter that you can't use, but... it's not too high of a priority, for me.

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