New Build! Sandbox Alpha v.03 Released!

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Very nice work too all, woken, downloading now to play some, and look forward to spewing somewhere different :)

Also love the "Narnia" reference lol

And the biggest ** WIN ** here is lengthening the day and night to double what it was. This alone is going to have a lot more gameplay, and we can get to do a lot more with the day than before :) Well done the TLD people and a BIG TY :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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Loving the random drop zone -- I got lucky first shot and got early morning, nice warm day. Looked around and thought I knew where I was starting from -- when over a small hill and almost walked into a huge pack of wolves [could have been a cub scout jamboree] -- they seemed to be everywhere...

A lot of panicked running to get away, and turned out I found an area I couldn't find before.

Just being dropped into the game "somewhere" and in random conditions really gives a nice boost. And unlike other games, you aren't just dropped into a safe spot... there's a lot of worry and anticipation at the start of each new round now.

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As it is, in v0.3 I am really enjoying my time so much more. First being dropped off god knows where, and at some god forsaken time, you really have to be on your toes for the first few minutes. Its a lot of fun trying to get somewhere with 2 flares but at least we are not too far from something :)

The Wolves, are WOW, you have perked them up a little and they even look more like a wolf Scary stuff . . .

Now the big, I love the fact I have more time of day, and I can actually get somewhere and do things, and even have time to strategise . . . . . I made it to The Lake Cabin at starting with 7% got there, lit a fire and I was at 1%, ate, drank, and set my bed down and slept near the fire for 4 hrs, and when I came out of it, I was at 16%, still not in a good way, but I survived a sleep.

I could then make my next move, and that was to get the the Fishing Cabins I didn't get to the day before.

Im finding, I'm really thinking about things now, than I was in v0.2. In v0.2 it was run to try and get into a fire eat drink die, and you couldn't really set things in motion to what you where going to do next. I pushed the boundary, just to test the survival time and went out into the wild, foraging, and finally got a wolf in the face, but I'm having fun now, and ill admit, I wasn't enjoying the speed of the day and night, and how quick everything happened, like going from 3000cal full of food to being starving, by the tim I got down from the Lookout and half way to Loggers cabin.

Loving it now, so much more than yesterday :D

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I have to agree with Brent, and the day/night timing is so much better, as well as the time scale on panels for tasks like boiling water, etc.

Now the game play feels much more natural, and solved the missing "sense [feeling] of time".

Personally I find it's now a very nicely tuned balance.

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