Changelist -- Sandbox Alpha v.03

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The Long Dark -- Sandbox Alpha v.03 Changelist

June 20th, 2014


  • Sandbox mode is now permadeath. Saves are still permitted, but savegames are removed when the player is killed.

  • Updated the Wolf model.


  • None.

Gameplay & Tuning
  • Length of day has been doubled, from 40 min/day and 30 min/night, to 80 min/day and 60 min/night.
  • Player spawn point is now “randomized”.
  • Starting weather and time of day are now randomized.
  • Increased the Rifle’s ammunition capacity to 10 rounds.
  • Reduced a single box of Rifle ammunition from 6 rounds to 5 rounds.
  • Fixed issue with Jerry Can item being mistakenly flagged as being usable as tinder.
  • Fixed issue with food poisoning continuing to degrade stats when resting (after antibiotics taken).
  • Fix bug with rifle reload that allowed a full clip to reload with as little as one round in reserve ammo.
  • Allow placed items (campfires, bedrolls, etc) to be placed on slopes up to 25 degrees, and align the item with the slope. (Increased from 15 degrees.)

Menus, HUD, UI

  • The Main Menu has been fixed so that buttons align for all screen resolutions.
  • Show container status (Searched, Empty) in interactive object text, after it's been inspected.
    Added "ALL" button to stack drop/transfer interface.


  • Fixed “Narnia” bug, where sometimes clicking on a door would teleport the player to a seemingly random location outdoors.


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