Tracking Time

Bill Tarling

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The time measuring still really throws me off in the game.

I suppose Will is wearing a mechanical watch rather than digital [since we can see the time in the Survival Panel], but if that's the case we should have some sort of quick key to check the time rather than having to open up the panel [which also pauses our movements] -- perhaps only visible when pressing a key.

If he's wearing a digital timepiece, then we shouldn't actually see/know the exact time of day [no working electronics].

However we should have some "sense of time" regardless of sun, shadows, or even light when outdoors. Nothing exact, but at least some sort of sense [even when traveling] of time passing. Even in real life, we usually have at least some sense of how long we've been up [internal clocks].

While it may seem that becomes obvious by our fatigue level, that includes changes for what type of strenuous activity we've been doing -- not an actual sense of time passing. As well, it can only be checked through the survival panel -- which can become annoying if we have to pause to open so frequently to get an idea how much approx time we may have left in our day (or night).

I don't think we should know the exact time, but at least some sort of sun/moon phase icon [again, perhaps only displaying while a key is pressed] would suffice... you could even cloud over the icon a bit during really bad weather, but at least it would give some sense of time remaining/passing [which is the one thing I just haven't been able to feel as immersion so far].

NOTE: I run a lot during the game -- so that would mean there are times when my character would be running for almost a good hour [even though it only feels like 10-15 minutes game time]. That may be why it sometimes feels like there's not much distance between some areas -- you can't sense how quickly the day is passing unless you physically check the clock.

Personally I would much prefer having a very rough sense of time passing rather than an actual time of day, but either would help guide decisions and task choices better: i.e. do I really have enough daylight left to stop and melt/boil more snow for water, or should I push a little further and just do it in the dark if I need to.

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I'm gonna have to disagree on the having time constantly visible. If anything it can be an interface option. When I'm in the wilderness timepieces and cell phones stay at home... Oh yeah don't you guys remember there has been a catastrophic solar event which has knocked out or interfered with almost all mechanical devices.

Now I'm thinking if there are any solar events maybe your watch runs backwards or displays the wrong time to mess with you even more.

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  • Hinterland

Yeah, to be honest, if anything I'm more inclined to remove the clock than to add it on-screen all the time.

There's really nothing in the game that requires the player to have a very specific idea of what time it is. Broad strokes is more than enough. (Doesn't mean you don't feel more comfortable having the time all the time, but our goal isn't to make you feel comfortable.) :)

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I'm noticing a huge difference in the time for tasks to complete, and really liking the difference now. That gave me back the sense of time passing that I was missing previously [likely because screen time for tasks didn't really take long to compete] -- this minor slow down made all the difference for it for feel more real to me, and even increases the anxiety having to wait for things to complete (like cooking food or water) when you know how close you are to the limits.

Don't know about others, but I'm really happy with it now. :)

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