Died while sleeping - from exhaustion? (Fixed in v0.3)


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I experienced this in a recent playthrough myself! There are a couple of issues that need fixed:

1. If you have food poisoning and you've taken your antibiotics, the condition and fatigue degradation from the poisoning should stop as soon as you start sleeping. Right now the ill effects continue merrily along during sleep, which the simulation still processes (but in "fast forward").

2. We are allowing exhaustion to degrade condition, even while sleeping. The condition degradation from exhaustion needs to stop the moment you start sleeping.

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Not necessarily a bug or inaccurate... Don't forget even going to sleep during exhaustion doesn't have an immediate effect. The body and health still decays [takes a bit of time before the sleep/rest starts reversing that strain].

I would all depend on how badly you passed the redline of absolute exhaustion.

Perhaps exponentially having the character move slower and slower [snail pace] with each step or almost stopped in tracks when almost at the no-return no-recovery point would be fair -- knowing you only have a few steps left to reach the bed/bedroll before it's game over.

Remember though -- exhaustion, dehydration, starvation, coldness, and injuries combined can have exponentially harsher deterioration rates... You may get sleep to recover from exhaustion, but it might not be enough recovery value to counter the decay from the other conditions still happening.

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This bug has been fixed for v0.3! To be clear on the fix -- if you have food poisoning and you've taken antibiotics, you will not suffer condition and fatigue degradation (from food poisoning) during sleep. Note that you could still suffer condition degradation if you are exhausted to begin with, until your sleep reduces your fatigue past the exhausted threshold.

Only in really extreme cases (like very low condition coupled with extreme exhaustion) could you die from "exhaustion" during sleep. This could happen because you suffer some condition loss due to exhaustion at the beginning of the sleep.

Hope that makes sense. :)

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