v.01, v.02 - Invisible Birds Flying (Fixed in v0.03)

Bill Tarling

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It's been at every location I pass through where I see bird shadows flying across the ground [Clearcut corner turning towards the logger camp from start of the game if you take the long way there, and by the train tracks when traveling from the logger camp].

I see the shadows of flying birds, but can never see any when I look up in the air. I've step way backwards (so I'm in the complete clear) and looked for them, even according to shadow directions.

When I used Console Debug and tried the FLY view option, that was the first time I saw there actually were bird graphics flying in the air -- I was at the train track intersection at that time]. Until then, I though the coding and graphics simply hadn't been added yet.

The only signs of wildlife I've seen have been the wolves and deer.

I figure eventually I'll come across a Cumberland Bear when I round a tree... or a squirrel which might make a good snack if I can catch/trap it *lol*

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Guest Alan Lawrance

We turn off a flock when they are more than 200 meters from the camera, but that would disable the shadows and audio too.

Next time you see this, find the sun, and use that to deduce their direction given their shadow.

Also note that birds will disperse based on various conditions. You won't see them around at night, during blizzards, high winds, etc.

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If it's working for everybody else, this can probably be moved to the "Fixed" topic area now.

Now I'm see the flocks throughout the game (v0.03) -- and even hearing them [hadn't mentioned that I didn't hear them before]... Now I find when traveling I'm listening for signs of birds (low of supplies, so I'm actually hoping to find dead people -- even though they're all men with non-survival bears so far)... another person's misfortune is my survival gain.

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