Changelist -- Sandbox Alpha v0.2

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  • Hinterland

The Long Dark -- Sandbox Alpha v0.2 Changelist

June 17th, 2014


  • The Mac build has now been enabled. Please test and post bugs and performance notes. Please include mention of your specific type of Mac and hardware configuration (GPU, CPU, RAM, etc.).

  • Campfires now spawn the correct visual effects.

  • Fixed various instances of broken geometry and tree/rock conflicts.

  • Campfires now play the correct audio effects.


  • When equipping the Lantern using the hotkey, the game will now select the Lantern with more fuel when more than one Lantern is in inventory.

  • The Survival Clock will now correctly reset with each game session.

  • Falling damage has now been reduced from 10 Condition/meter fallen to 5 Condition/meter fallen. Falling damage occurs after 2 meters.

  • Flares from starting inventory will no longer disappear when thrown.

  • Rifle damage has been increased so that wolves will be killed with a single shot. This is a temporary fix until a more sophisticated damage model is introduced.

  • Sprained Ankle state has been improved with camera tilt and voice over.

  • The game will not be saved if players die in their sleep.

  • Changed label from “Deer Meat, Cooked” to “Venison, Cooked”.

Menus, HUD, UI

  • The Load button has been added back to the Main Menu. This will load your last save (i.e. the last time you Rested).

  • The Cause of Death text has now been fixed to accurately reflect the cause of death.

  • Lantern fuel total correctly updates when it is refueled.

  • Reduced delay between pressing Quit and the game actually closing.

  • Added a First Aid category filter for the Inventory.

  • The Inventory can now be sorted by Name (alphabetical), Condition, or Weight.

  • Location labels will no longer persist across game sessions.

  • It is now possible to transfer or drop a partial stack of gear.

  • The game now defaults to run full-screen at native resolution at launch (vs. 1024x768 as before).


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  • Hinterland

Just a quick note -- our expected release schedule for Alpha fixes will be weekly as long as we can manage it, and are able to also make progress in other areas of the game.

We brought v0.2 quickly because there were several bugs we felt were not acceptable in that most of them didn't exist in our internal release builds, but in general we will only release a new version of the Alpha on a weekly basis.

We may make an exception in the event of discovering really bad bugs that negatively impact the quality of playtesting data.

But in general, we should not expect to release new versions of the Alpha every 2-3 days. :) We'd need a whole other team to be able to maintain that pace.

In any case, please continue testing and keep the bugs and feedback coming in! It's invaluable and is making the game better!

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