Game does not start properly on Windows 8.1


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Hi guys

Today I got my new PC (Toshiba Notebook - more specs are in my signature). I installed STEAM and THE LONG DARK. Than I started the game. I chose full hd (1920x1080p) and "not windowed". As soon as I click "ok", the game starts in a weird way. I have made an iPhone video. All my other trys to capture something with software failed. (Do you know good software for capture things?)

Video download:

I have to mention that I have another notebook. It is nearly 8 years old (HP Compaq 6710b). On this device I can start the game. I see the startscreen, can choose from options. Music is playing. I can enter the sandbox mode. The only annoying thing is the performance of this notebook.

If you need more information, feel free to ask.

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Hi Jonas -- could you please attach your output_log.txt file to this thread? It can be found under your Steam install directory in:


I don't have Windows 8 to test, but if anyone runs Windows 8, please let us know if the game runs successfully or not for you.

I didn't view the video yet. That upload site seems a bit sketchy, and I wasn't convinced it wasn't going to try to install something on my machine. Dropbox or Google Drive are good free options for files that aren't too large.

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@Alan -- I'll grab the video and store it on my own hosting space. I'll let you know when it's ready for you to grab [once I make sure it's working okay and clean of infection for security], then I'll PM you through the board

@indianajonas -- doing a quick check, it looks like there are a lot of people having all kinds of issues with Steam running properly on Win 8.1 [v8.0 apparently worked okay]... I'll see if I can find out any further info after Alan sees what he can find on his end -- I won't install Win8 on my system, so unfortunately I can't help with specifics... Hopefully one of the other users can help.

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Good news, everybody. Now it works!

After Bill has mentioned the problems with STEAM / Win8, I tried to play another game. The Stanley Parable works fine. And in the beginning it forced me to install DirectX, which has solved the problem with The Long Dark.

Now I can test the sandbox mode, yay!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.