Father's Day Present -- Helle Jegermester

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My wife and kids know me so well. This is what I woke up to the morning of Father's Day (thankfully it was still in its case!).


I'm not really that much of a hunter so I'm not sure if I'll really be able to put it to its intended use (butchering "big game"), but I find it's always nice to have a high-quality blade at your side when you're out in the bush.

This one will replace (or perhaps compliment) my little Mora "Light My Fire" firestriking knife.

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Oh yes, mine has a small inlay of reindeer antler in the handle; limited edition. Pretty excited about it. :)

Thats a beautiful looking knife there Raph, and how cool is it having reindeer antler in it. I suppose they have plenty of them up there too.

Don't be screwing with my item pick!

I have the GB Small Forest which is almost the same thing as that Hunters Axe. I wanted a more square pull on the back for hammering, hide beating is better done with a club.


They are a nice looking axe. Looks like they would be easy enough to throw as well, but you can see the work in the head of that thing, where they have shaped the head with the heating of a hammer . . . Very nice indeed.

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You may notice our hatchet in game is "inspired" by this design.

Cant wait to see that ;) I'm sure they will look as real to life as the real thing . . .

I actually have a few others ideas about the GB axes that I'll share when the time is right... :)

Cant wait for the right time :D

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