#450 Dead teleporting wolves?


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So I tracked down a wolf to kill to finish a wolf coat and I had no gun so I struggle fought him and after he ran off I followed his blood into the middle of the lake the trail went cold with no wolf in sight.

I head in the opposite direction back to my house and I find a wolf corpse 200 meters from where we fought, so I scavenged his body and (I'M NOT SURE IF THIS IS A BUG AT THIS POINT) one of his friends appeared out of thin air from the lake (he was not there last time I checked) and I lit my flare but he didn't care, I fought him, he ran, I turn around to keep moving (4% health) and he had another friend, I used my flare, wolf didn't care, I died.

Do wolves guard their dead friends?

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All of things are possible. Bad luck, but possible. The only thing that might be an issue is that it's possible they blood trails aren't working on the ice surface. Ticket #450 opened.

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