Fuel Container Current/Max Capacity


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Subject pretty much sums it up.

Lanterns, Jerry cans, etc. should have subject listed in item GUI panel.

Lantern has X% filled, but how much is max?

Jerry cans display current amount in container, but not the max it can hold.

Helps with material management during harvest.

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You can calculate the amount of fuel by looking at it's current percentage of fuel, and compare it.

Say that the lantern contains 34% fuel, and you refuel it to 100%, you find that you have filled it with, lets say, 0.6l of kerosene. therefore you know that that 66% is 0.6l, so working backwards, you can find that the maximum capacity would be about 0.91l (not that that is the max cap of the lantern, I was just showing how it's done)

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