Pilgrim Mode a little *too* easy.


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Not to complain too hard, after all, It is supposed to be the easier mode after all. But I found when I was playing it that it quickly grew dull. None of the risks or dangers of Wanderer mode seemed to really be present. It feels less like training wheels, and more like turning the game into one of those 'walking simulator' games, where you're just exploring and looking around. Not that those are bad, but I don't think that it works for The Long Dark.

Personally, what I'd like to recommend is something a little more balanced closer to Wanderer mode. The passive threats, starvation, thirst, and the cold, should still be present in equal parts, I feel. But the weather should be a little more permissive, and the wildlife a lot less hostile.

But not completely in-hostile, maybe. If wolves could be programmed to defend their kills, or to attack to a wounded or weakened player, or to simply be more bold in numbers. Just generally, less of a barrier to the player and easier to avoid, but still something you want to avoid if you can help it. That would be perfectly in keeping with the 'training wheels' feeling I feel that Pilgrim mode should have.

Anyway, that's my two cents. I'm loving the game either way. Thanks for all the great work so far! :D

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It may seem easy (which it's meant to be), but I've watched a couple streaming and playing it for about 10+ hours over the past couple of days, and can see it actually does fit well for some players.

It may sound unusual, but they were ecstatic when they finally survived over 5 days in Pilgrim mode [after dying repeatedly in that same mode due to freezing, starvation, etc].

It's meant as a more relaxing pace for those who simply want to explore without playing in a normal game mode atmosphere.

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