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More animals! E.g. Foxes, lynx, cougars, moose, beavers. (Maybe not cougars). I think it would be really cool to have a bear cave, with a hibernating bear inside. You could leave him alone, or take a risk and try to take him down for a huge supply of meat, guts, and hide.

The cave would be up in the mountains, bringing me to my next topic: Climbing gear. The avatar's is pretty feeble, with me always getting stuck in this crevice between a pile of logs and the wooden edge of the lake at the logging camp. And if they had a climbing pickaxe, they would be more vertically inclined as well. A mountain that had rock climbing clips attached could be conquerable with a harness and enough rope.

More craftable clothing and tools would be good too. The wolfskin jacket is invaluable for warmth, and I would appreciate seeing more things to that effect. Snowshoes would be a good addition as well, light and good at reducing movement speed in snow, maybe to use those you need to build up a skill or something so that you don't trip as much. More weapons, such as bow and arrow or throwable spear, that can also be used to jab at approaching wolves.

More food variety would also be cool. Nutella, some form of twinky-esque food with a grotesque name like "Lardo" or something,Trail mix. The possibilities are endless.

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Don't feel bad :) It means your like us and want the same things.

Chances are if enough people are like : "Hinterland please add cute delicious bunnies to the game because of this long list of awesome reasons ..." Hinterlands staff will be like: "Wow 30 people want bunnies enough to come on the forums. Maybe bunnies are a good idea. That list is pretty legit

" Hey guys lets google how many calories bunnies have, and how exactly do we catch them. Hey lets also go on Esty so we can figure out what to craft with them... Alright... now lets 3D model and animate bunnies. Hey anyone got a pet bunny we can make squee for the sound recording?"

Honestly I think when the dev sat there and added bunnies to the world was probably one of the best moments of his day. If I were him I'd be laughing and sprinkling rabbits everywhere. Its about as fun as adding unicorns. :)

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Daesaster, I know how you feel, I had a similar experience when joining this forum 2 months ago. The trick is to look at what everyone else has previously suggested, think up something that compliments the existing game, and give a reasonable description of how you'd think it functions. Occasionally I just throw ideas at the forum wall, just to see what sticks and what bounces straight off. It's trial and error, but you'll get the hang of it.

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