#449 "Cabinet Door" vs "Armoire"?


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Ok this is a picky detail but one that struck me as funny so I thought I'd share.

Most items in the game will show the name of what you are searching ie: "Cabinet", "Drawer", "Fridge" or "Freezer". I've always wondered why one particular item though is labeled by what your opening (ie: "Cabinet Door") ?

http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... =358086804

Perhaps these should be labeled "Wardrobe", "Closet" or if you want to be more French Canadian about it "Armoire"?

Sorry, like I said its a picky detail and not too important!

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Guest Alan Lawrance

Originally you could open each door separately (so there were two "containers" per armoire/wardrobe). We collapsed it down to a single container, but the "door" terminology wasn't updated. It's a good point though, something we ought to fix!

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