#447 Cannot kill wolf at base of Forestry Lookout tower


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Was in Forestry Lookout cabin and I heard a wolf pacing as if it was outside.

Went out with gun, did not see wolf so descended stairs and saw a wolf under the stairs. The first time I shot the wolf, it was hit and yelped. I ascended the tower and slept for 3 hours to wait for it to die. When I went back down, the wolf was still alive under the stairs. I shot at it from almost point blank range another 3 times from between the balustrade railings. Wolf neither yelped, moved or died. I am trapped in the Forestry Lookout.


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In my experience (at the Abandoned Overlook which is the same type building) you cannot shoot between the balustrades/railings on the lower level. I got into the same situation as OP and had no choice but to fight the wolf in hand to hand after wasting several shots trying to shoot through there (shooting ABOVE the railing does seem to work though). The wolf gets stuck down there and just circles infinitely since he can't go up the stairs.

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