Unlocking the safe


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.. . . .. . . maybe the name of the place like "near Hydro Dam / Alans Cave / Mystery Lake / ..."

Trapper Homestead.

Damn I got some serious looking around to do, with these names popping up.

I hate the cold, and hunker down when she is a blowin . . . . . which seems to be always with me >_<

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You guys like/dislike the safe interaction?

It's a bit of a relic of our early design. I like it, but also feel it stands out. More of our interactions should have a player skill/interaction component. Something I'd like to expand on in the future...

Yes, I had to channel my High School memories of how the orientations of combo locks go. :-)

If anything, I think it could be more difficult. But I seem to be unique in that line of thinking.

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agree with rob here more hard! Regular combo locks require moving a certain direction and passing 0 a number of times for each pass and then of course if you screw up violently spinning the dial to reset and trying again. Shit I'm late for Long Underwear Repair Class :]

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