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So playing 1.82. Love the new night sky. WOW just after dark, that looks almost completely realistic north woods, long distance view from Jackrabbit island is a thing of art. Two tweaks Id make to that... First, the light blue on the edge of the horizon just after dark I'd remove that for more of a dark black to give the forest contrast against the sky and I'd see about importing an actual high res moon.

Just ideas, even if you didn't tweak it at all it still looks GREAT!

One thing I would like changed though, the transitions between the outside to a building, always cuts off the music cues. Can we have it not do that anymore please. Just play the whole music cue. The music is sooo good. Sooo sooo sooo good.

Transition of weather, they weather effects seem to come and go too fast, yes we don't want to have a weather condition the same for days, though it would be interesting surviving a storm that lasted for 72 hours, but the transitions could be slower and more drawn out. Maybe even a non-random system where the weather can go from one state to another but not states that don't make sense if this is not already modeled. I think sometimes it goes from deep fog to sunshine and the effect is almost instantaneous. Would be nice if this took an hour or two to really clear up both ways. Fog doe sometimes roll in but it never rolls out.

One other change I do like the new not-instant death from weak ice, but the wet mechanic is not powerful enough. I fell into the ice more or less to test, but I was already freezing from walking around in the storm without any idea where I was going. So good that I dont die instantly. Bad that it didn't have any additional effect.

I say bad because no matter how good of physical condition I was in or how hard I was exercising there is no way to pump blood hard enough or for it to be warm enough to counteract even a -30deg F windchill if the skin is wet. In the case where I fall into the ice it would be soaked. Aside from freezing me instantly if I am not already, in my opinion falling into liquid water, recovering and then moving away, should instantly double whatever my fatigue level is at on the fatigue meter.

If the team is not going or cannot add a moisture or wet meter and that is ok, just double or triple the effects of the fatigue for say 4 hours until I clear the "cold" meter to zero. This is what I would have to do assuming I survive a fall through the ice and then the resulting hypothermia after. Again just a suggestion. 1.82 is definitely another step in the right direction and just plays so awesome.

Thank you to the whole team for continuing to make this happen!

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