Quonset Gas Station


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I've dropped 49 hours into this game, but the last big update two days ago caused serious lag when inside the gas station. When I get closer to the walls or doors, the frame rate goes back up, but walking around in between the crafting tables was painfully slow. Even the survival menu was affected.

I'm not really...tech savvy? So I don't know if it's a problem on my end or not.

Anybody else experiencing this?

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Deasaster, did you start a new game and then it was fixed? I'm thinking if you had a saved game and then updated there might have been some conflicting stuff at the gas station. If you started a fresh run this may have cleared it and it now runs properly.

Also we use the signatures particularly on this forum to list our computer stats see mine below. This can help the devs isolate a problem and also keeps you from having to put your computer config in every time you report a bug.

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