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love the game so far but tonight, i noticed my 'you have survived for' clock and 'time of day' clock were not counting in unison. This happens when I am indoors. The 'you have survived clock' is almost frozen compared to the time of day clock. When I go outside however, they count in unison again.

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I am having a problem with the 2 clocks with both of the last patches .180 and .182, including time slipping/warping.

The time of day clock consistently runs ahead of the you have survived for clock and it seems the you have survived clock exponentially slows as the game goes further. It seems to me the problem is in having 2 clocks instead of 1 clock that displays information differently 2 ways? i am on day 3 14 hours 58 minutes. My 'zero hour' when i dropped into the game was 12 noon of the 1st day. I just ran sleep and woke to find my zero hour for day 4 has slipped to 12:32.

Love the new night sky very much and look forward to the auroras when you get to them. I have been noticing the nice improvements to the sky. Thank you. I would really love if you did moon phases with corresponding light levels...and fix the clocks problem :) It seems a shame all of your lovely artwork in this land is now hidden in the pitch black every night. I'd enjoy sitting on jackrabbit hill with a campfire and coffee, full moon and auroras...

I'm only asking for the moon, and for you to master time and space. Haha ;)

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I can show it to you on twitch and answer questions. People should especially note when their zero hour is, and notice if it is shifting forward. What I did was made notes:

Day 0 zero hour: 12:00

Day 1 zero hour: 12:04

Day 2 zero hour: 12:09


Zero hour is the time at which you entered the game.

IMHO, there should not be 2 independent clocks. There should be one clock from which information is derived to create the time of day and survived clocks rather than each having its 'own' clock. They should never ever tick out of sync. My experience indicates that there are actually 2 separate clocks and they get out of sync with each other. I can show you and people on my stream have seen it too.

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