Weather In Each New Game Start

Bill Tarling

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Just wanted to say that I'm loving the fact that you never know what kind of weather conditions you're starting with in each fresh game... Sometimes absolutely beautiful day (I find myself taking my time wandering around more to look at all the scenery -- bad for survival, but too good to pass up the chance)... and then the next play I find myself starting in a blistering blizzard, and have to get to shelter as quickly as possible, while using the terrain and wind blockers around me much closer.

Definitely changes the game play approach for every start :)

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  • Hinterland

Yeah, the game's dynamic elements are really a big part of what makes it so interesting.

Other things are dynamic, but might not be as obvious:

- # of wildlife in a given area

- container contents

- item condition when picked up

- loot distribution within interior locations (not all have been fully tuned yet but you'll notice some subtle differences every time you enter, for example, the Lookout, or the Trapper's Cabin)

- wind direction and velocity

- not just the actual weather but how long it lasts before transitioning to a new weather type


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