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This happened to me in the dam a couple of days ago. I am on PC, and it has never happened before (I just happened to be recording at the time). I have not been back to the dam since. The only unusual thing that I can think of that may have caused it is the fact that I chucked a flare, but didn't throw it far enough. I was initially walking down the hall to retrieve the flare and decided to continue when Fluffy didn't seem to react to my presence. I'm sorry, but I don't have video of the throw...However, the video starts probably a step or two away from where the flare landed. Hope that helps.

Could be a one-time thing, but I thought I'd mention it anyway.


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No, the wolf did nothing.

I'm sorry, I thought the video would make that clear - I walked right up to him, and almost past him, and he didn't react at all. I was just saying the only thing I might have done that might have caused an issue was not throwing the flare far enough to startle him. Other than that, everything else seemed normal. It could very well have just been a fluke.

*And I just re-watched the video and it was extremely dark in the end, so I'm sure it made absolutely nothing clear at all. Sorry about that.

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