More environmental features plus one or two item requests


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Some Ideas I came up with during my last TLD session:

Based upon my observations, I think the tree physics in heavy wind needs a bit of tweaking.

The trees currently only swing from sided to side a minute amount during heavy wind, with only a minute movement in the actual boughs and limbs in wind that slows you when you walk into it. In reality, the tree limbs would be lashing back and forth, and the top of the tree would be swaying at an amplified sway than the base.

I would also like to see that after heavy snowfall, the trees need to groan with fresh snow on it. When the sun rises, or the wind starts blowing, snow needs to drop from the boughs in clumps (only occasionally) if the player is underneath it, then they splutter and the character mutters something, and a there is an increase in your cold bar.

Additionally, I would like to see more random environmental dangers.

Examples included random icicle falls, which cause the player to bleed and reduce their condition by 30%. As well as this,

I would like to see rare snow slides off of roofs when the player exits a house with a gabled roof. This would dramatically increase their cold bar and have a rare chance of doing damage. this effect can also be caused by prolonged exposure to the sun on a heavily snowed on roof. snow levels would vary depending on the frequency and intensity of blizzards, with preset levels of snow updating every so often, in subtle increments.

I would also like to see that inside the house, you can sometimes hear the rumble of snow sliding off the roof.

The mechanics of walking on ice are a little fuzzy. the last time it froze hard enough in Britain for a safe thickness of ice to walk on, I fell on my arse so many times it was ridiculous. I think that to discourage running on ice, a prone function should be added, so that the player will occasionally fall flat on their face. A rare (4% chance per slip) injury could occur, which is breaking a bone in your arm or your leg (maybe their could be percentages of probability for either arm or leg to break). if you arm is broken, you will have limited ability to wield firearms, flares will not be thrown as far, and lanterns can only be held in the other arm. if your leg is broken, you will walk with a constant limb until it heals, which would be 6-8 weeks (for those of you who relish a challenge). to fix a bone, you would have to set it, using reclaimed wood, cloth and line to splint it, and you would have to use the hunting rifle or a craftable crutch (3 reclaimed wood) to walk if it is your leg that is broken.

on a lighter note, this is northern canada, so i presume you guys keep Ice skates in your cupboards somewhere.

This could be added as a semi rare item that allows the player to travel at 1.5x/2x the speed of sprinting, but only over ice. if you walk on dry land with them on, your speed is reduced to half your normal walking pace, and you have a 20% chance of spraining an ankle.

That's it for now, sorry for long post, but what do you think?

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