Feedback after 122 Days+ v170 + log


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My English is not good, but im just trying. So it's okay if no one wants to read.

After 122 Days im not dead yet. Sandbox ist very fun, but need a bit tune.

Coastal highway:

-Decrease the amount of items.

-Make more cabinets empty (perhaps randomly semi open?), so its not that much to search.


-Decrease the amount of deers and wolves, especially in Mystery Lake.

-Random placement of the objects are okay, but make "semi random loot stacks" per map.(5-15 Bullets in Mystery Lake, 1-3 Sewing Kits and so on... I thing i have found 20 Sewing kits... :lol: )

-Wolves should make no noise, when stalking. Would make the game much creepier.

-Wolves need a new skin, more white, less black.

-Increase calories from rabbits.


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