#436 One Drawer in Fish Hut reseting loot table


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Bug Description: Coastal Highway. Exited jackrabbit island cabin, ran to fishing hut where I store matches, tinder plugs, leather, guts, etc. Opened the draw with these items and it conducted a search, and gave me a fishing line. All the items previously stored in that one specific drawer (the top draw of the two draw cabinet) are gone. The single cabinet to the left still had water stored in it. The bottom draw still showed empty.

OS: PC, windows 7

Repro Steps: Have not seen the bug before, and it did not duplicate when I went inside then back to the same fishing hut.

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I've now encountered this bug a second time. Same cabinet, bottom drawer instead of the top. I still can't repeat it. The only consistent variable I've noticed is I was going into and out of a third structure (cabin) and accessing items there both times it happened.

I know it's too vague. I'll work on seeing if I can isolate it following the new patch.

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