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I dont know how to use the community right way but i need a direct link or help officer for the game. so sorry i place my question here.

there is something happen in game: I walked backside of trappers homestead, close to the unnamed pond and (i guess its called) daves cabin, between trees on a snowy hill i got lost. i load the scene again and now i see trees like a mirror in an pupil but they run out as you would fall in a dream. the view runs out until you see the whole gamemap (landscape). still circled as pupils view. look interessting but of course wrong. i still keep this scene loadable but means cant restart the game. I will make the hinterland team seeing that but how?

even to make a screenshot to show here, sorry i dont know yet. Any help outthere?

Ok tried pic...


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You were probably outside somewhere when the game saved (sprained ankle? I see the medi-kit icon in your screenshot). When you reload, the game tries to place you on the map again, but this is a bit bugged (saving/loading while outside has been added with the last update) and you are placed too low and fall through the map. If you could provide the coordinates where this happens (take a debug screenshot immediately after reloading using F8) and or upload your savegame that would be very helpful in fixing this bug.

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