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Right, so; Me and my friend both have this game, and we're both really passionate about immersion.

Like, when I'm tired or not feeling social, I love to play this game.

Walking out in the wilderness, hearing my footsteps in the snow. Finally making it inside just as the sun begins to set. Lighting a fire in the stove (which btw is fairly unnecessary but it's too cozy not to) and do some quick repairs on my beloved wintercoat using my very worn down sewing kit, and then going to bed knowing that tomorrow will be a new challenge. Not really any other game that does that.

Now; we came up with these ideas that made us nearly scream out of excitement (and by scream I mean capslock),

here are the things we thought would be really really cool! :

Looting: When you were to loot, instead of having a lame ass timer that makes looting an entire house fairly tiresome unless you're starving, imagine when you clicked one of the 15 cabinets in the house, instead of giving you a timer, you'd get a picture of the inside of a cabinet, where there was various useless stuff (plates and so on) that you could move aside by simply clicking on them, and you'd occasionally find something behind the thing you moved. To me, that's so much more engaging, and you don't have to sit and stare at a game mechanic ruining your immersion. It wouldn't have to be something complicated that you could just spamclick through, but simply something that'd add an equal delay, but with less staring and more clicking.


Imagine (I'm no developer so I don't really know how difficult some of these things would be, but in order to, in my opinion, make a great game even greater it'd be so cool) a 2-player co-op. It wouldn't turn into Day-Z where you'd kill eachother and just be major dicks, because it'd be 2 player co-op. You'd bring your friend and try to survive the wilderness until one of you died. (Maybe you could respawn as a new wiped character, and your body wouldn't drop all of the loot, but only a small amount of the items?)

Not some massive server everyone'd connect to.

It wouldn't have chat, but you could write notes and leave for eachother.

Something like a walkie-talkie would be the coolest thing ever, because you could choose not to use Skype (other brands are avaliable) in order to not ruin the immersion. Things like reception would be a thing, and backround noise. You'd have trouble communicating in the middle of a snowstorm and so on.

Oh, and shouting across a lake with the possiblility of your fellow survivor hearing your voice echoing across the lake.

This is just dreamtalk of course, but there's so much potential and I could spend so much time playing this with a friend.

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