Is it still possible to kickstart the game?


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Just to make it a long story short, is it still possible to kickstart the game? First off, i DO understand the game has already been "kickstarted" so to say, since its in alpha right now, but i've been thinking: I've gotten so much enjoyment out of it than ANY other game i've played before. So much, that i want to pay back Hinderland.

Is there a website that i can go to? A link i can click on? I'd love to help fund the game, since i love it so much. If there is no such thing, i could always just buy alot of copies on steam and gift them to random people, but i just wanted to check first.

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No, right now there is no more backing the Kickstarter Project. You can of course buy more games via Into The Long Dark ~ official Website or email the team at info[at]hinterlandgames[dot][com] and ask how you can send a donation via Paypal, or amazon. Im sure Raph would be able to push you in the right direction :)

I don't have a paypal nor an amazon because i never use it. Ah well, thanks anyway. I guess i'll just buy a mass of the games haha

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This topic is now closed to further replies.