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Hey there - short feedback

The exploit of infinite foraging for wood in the fishing huts while making a fire should be fixed. Of course it is a great way to get lots and lots of wood but it isn´t realistic, and isn´t that what this game is supposed to be all about ? ;)

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Fishing huts is considered outdoors, if you make this adjustment please make it for the entire ice region where there would be water during summer. This is no reason to not believe that you would find some wood in a shanty or a cord of it. Especially if you have gone through the trouble of setting up a shanty with a wood burner in it, there should be wood. There is also no reason you would not find lots of wood near the shores. If you have to go through the trouble of solving this by creating a heat map solution where wood is found and not found that would be idea but is a lot of work per map.

Certainly it should be possible to forage for wood outside while you have a fire going. That is exactly how it is done so you can find your way back to camp when it gets dark and you already have a fire going.

Maybe it is time to consider if the forage button is sufficient or if we should be able to actually "forage" and find pieces of wood all over the place that randomly spawn over the course of time. As snow drifts build and subliminate wood is covered and exposed. The hardest time to find wood exposed is just after a major snow storm, but a week after it would be much easier.

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