Glitch wolf with destroyed house


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Bug description :

The wolf may attack us through a wall of a destroyed house. (For example, and it's lived. In the destroyed house, which has a kind of small storage room filled with snow near the house that we see in the menu A wolf has successfully caught me while was found behind a wall and I was immediately teleport through walls is by the little animation that we must struggle to survive)

Sorry for the connection faults, I use google translation in order to send you this bug.

OS :


Repro steps :

So in order to reproduce this bug you need is a destroyed house and walls and obviously a wolf.

Here is the method to follow: You need to find in the interior of a destroyed house and against one of the walls that made up, there must be bad luck to have a wolf that identifies you to the other dimension of that wall. Then the wolf will try out to catch you but due to it is not human, he does not know how to do, so try stuffing into the wall like an idiot and if by any chance you approach the sound or see Musseaux out a bit of the wall you are ready to do a good battle with the wolf.

I allowed myself to add a bit of humor in the dialogue.

Screenshot if it's relevant :

Not available.

Coordinates in the world if it's relevant :

In the destroyed house which is a side of it that can be seen in the Home menu. more precisely in the kind of small deBarra found therein. (I speak of the house obviously destroyed)

Visibility :

All the time.

P.S :

I hope you understand malgrès google translation.

Best Regards,


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